What’s In A Bag

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As the first “In The Market For…”,we aim to give insight for someone who’s, well… in the market for something particular. What’s In a Bag:

For the rider who wants to be prepared for any given moment, carrying the tools, supplies and hydration requires a little help.

There are numerous solutions to carrying what you need with numerous variables: color, size, capacity, clothe, brand, durability, form factor, reflectors, stability, etc.

With thus said, we open the floor to you the rider. What do you prefer to carry your necessities in and why? Keep in mind, you’re giving insight to someone who may known nothing at all about this particular subjet, or is seeking further info/detail. Thanks!!

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 Misc.

5 Comments to What’s In A Bag

  • Brandi says:

    I like to use a Camelbak which has a couple extra pockets available for emergency items and small things. They really do keep the water cold and I forget I’m wearing it, it’s that comfortable. Downside is that there isn’t much storage so it’s not as convenient as a messenger bag or a backpack.

  • Adam says:

    There’s an OK thread about what people have in their bags over on Tarck (posted above).

    Here is what I always have on me at all times:

    - 15mm wrench
    - Smal adjustable wrench
    - Set of hex keys
    - Spare tube
    - Patch kit
    - Tire lever
    - Mini pump
    - Ziploc bags
    - Zipties
    - Knife
    - Pad of paper
    - Sharpie
    - Small digial camera
    - Bandana
    - Cycling cap
    - U-lock

    Your needs may vary.

    Am I forgetting anything?

  • Adam says:

    Add to that:

    - Front and rear lights!

  • Adam says:

    Hah I misread this post.

    I carry all my stuff in a Blicksbag


    Got it from Mina because I wanted to support a startup, and the price for my totally custom bag is on par with or less than what you’d pay for a custom bag from other makers.

    The quality is excellent. I recently carried two 6-packs of Xingu from Central Market to Lakewood in this bag and it was solid.

    Turnaround time was a little under two weeks from the time we got the design finalized. She worked with me through the whole process and was very accomodating as it underwent several revisions.

    Mina at http://blicksbags.com/ will seriously make whatever you want for a great price.

  • raul says:

    I like to carry either by chrome hipbone for short trips or either my ivan roll top for long hauls .
    I always carry extra tubes, a 15 mm, CO2, tire removers, shot blocks ( for when you feel like *blah), and my u-lock.
    I sometimes carry water in my canteen, mini-pump, multi-tool, extra shirt, more tubes, bars, head lamps, rope lock and camera.

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