Critical Mass Dallas 8.28.09


As the facebook group describes: “Dallas Critical Mass is a ride that brings public awareness of bicyclists to Dallas. This ride is for all cyclist, and all are welcome. We ride at a slow pace to make sure anyone can keep up.”

See you there!


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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 Events

7 Comments to Critical Mass Dallas 8.28.09

  • rich says:

    anyone thought about a route? katy trail, uptown, greenvile?, houston viduct, industrial?, there is strength in numbers, the streets belong to us.

  • Sean says:

    Critical mass isn’t about posting or arranging routes. Part of the excitement is showing up with no plans, just what you need for the ride and a lot of enthusiasm. I’m excited that this is starting to pick up in Dallas following the momentum of the Monday rides, but people should know what it’s about, not about, and how it functions. These may help. One of the reasons no one is in charge is so that no one takes the fall if the police decide to give you shit. It is supposed to be a non-centralized event. You must be careful in promoting that you are not actually claiming sole responsibility for the event, as that could put you in a bad spot.

    By the way Pedallas, I saw your tweet and am not sure if you’re being facetious or not…you are aware that Critical Mass is held on the same day in every city around the world, correct? It’s no coincidence that this will coincide with Houston’s or any other city’s CM.

  • Adam says:

    ^ I like this guy

    Pedallas, maybe you should post up some excerpts from those pages Sean posted. It does seem like a lot of people here have no idea what critical mass is all about and that it happens everywhere on the same day (except fort worth – they’ve been doing it on the first monday i think..probably because spiral diner and panther city bicycles are closed that day)

    It’s totally ok that people don’t know what its about – can’t blame em, but we should definitely inform!

  • Adam says:

    As you may have read, Critical Mass does not have a "leader" or a set route. It kinda just does its own thing.

    One suggestion though: I think we should at least go up Main, down Elm, and then back up Commerce to start out.

  • Sean says:

    If you want to take that route, I suggest you get in the front when we start. That’s the best way to take care of business.

    Noted that FW is one of the exceptions to the last Friday rule. Some areas around larger cities have different CMs too. For example, Berkeley has a 2nd Friday CM, but that’s so that the same riders can also go into the city for the San Francisco CM.

  • rich says:

    i know how this thing works,, a little organisation goes a long way,,,an i’m makin flyers proposing routs fer next month,

  • rich says:

    cowboys an indians theme next month

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