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Juan Ball

Visited Mellow Johnny’s on our way out from the BFF 09 in Austin during the summer.  The shop was amazing. I felt like a kid in a candy store.


I’m a sucker for coffee and enjoyed the shops’…well, coffee shop: Juan Pelota.  The play on words/translation is pure genius. Think “One Ball”.

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Cartoon from Quick..

My sister totally brought this to my attention, and its pretty awesome. Is it sad when family knows you have a cycling addiction!? enjoi!
Picture 2

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 Misc. 1 Comment

Lance Armstrong Gateway!!!

Big ups to BFOC again for keeping up the good fight. Look up more info about cycle track plans on Bishop at Bicycle Friendly Oak Cliff.


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skidsareforkids_2I want this  for post Christmas…

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A Little Insight…

inthecutts Episode-3 Macaframa from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.

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Pedal Brain

Who needs a bicycle computer when you have an iPhone?


As Nike+ is to runners, Pedal Brain is to cyclists.  A cyclists’ next best friend:

“Pedal Brain can be thought of as three integrated products. First, it’s an iPod and iPhone ANT+ accessory. Second, it’s a complete training log. Third, it’s a coaching platform. Each of these products have been designed together and as such integrate perfectly well. There’s no distinction between your workouts on the web and your workouts on the iPhone or iPod. Simply go for a ride and all your performance data is uploaded in realtime to the web where coaches, teammates and friends can see it (if you allow them to). There’s no post workout data upload step with Pedal Brain. Similarly there’s no need to copy your workouts onto paper and stuff in your jersey before heading out. It’s already there on your iPhone or iPod.”

Read more info at:

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Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance

Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance TEASER#1 from h.hiolle • on Vimeo.

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