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I Need Some Helium

I so could have used this for my trip to Miami. ::sigh::


THE HELIUM BIKE CASE uses a combination of light, flexible materials and strategically positioned rigid reinforcements, allowing it to offer excellent protection at a surprisingly low weight of only 9 kg (19,8 lbs). Not only is our bags easy on your shoulders, it also makes it easy to respect the strict baggage weight restrictions imposed by many airlines.
The Helium’s unique 360° opening means that packing your bike is easier than ever.
It even has enough room for two wheelsets. We specifically designed a proprietary anchoring system for wheels, which guarantees they will be well protected and will not damage your frame in transit.
Air protection
The biggest innovation inside the Helium is its network of inflatable partitions, strategically positioned on either side of the frame. They offer more stability and protection, at a lower weight, than other systems. The partitions are held in place by Velcro straps, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze

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One wheeling around town. Thanks
for the share K.J.!

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The IGNOBLE MONA Cocoon is my type of backpack. It balances heavy duty function with a modern style that anyone can rock. Ultra capable and ultra sleek. I really like the total blackout, making it suitable for any occasion, uniform to the company’s moniker “Black. Backpack. The essential carryall for the modern man. Click “› Continue reading” for the full review!

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This is what happens when you put Fred Armisen on a bike, way too funny !

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Holy Hindsight Gadgets Batman!

So a company from South Carolina by the name of Cerevellum has championed a digital “rear view mirror” called “the Hindsight 30″.

 It not only gives you an idea of what’s behind you, but it also records video, e.i. getting clipped from behind, now you got that mothasucka on video…(hoping your device doesn’t get smashed to bits)..Not sure how I feel about this technology.  What do you guys think?

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Coming Through!

WTF?  Definitely a step backwards…I’d hate to see how they handle turning left and right…..::sigh:: please, enter the Tunnel of Doom!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 Misc. 1 Comment
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