The IGNOBLE MONA Cocoon is my type of backpack. It balances heavy duty function with a modern style that anyone can rock. Ultra capable and ultra sleek. I really like the total blackout, making it suitable for any occasion, uniform to the company’s moniker “Black. Backpack. The essential carryall for the modern man. Click “› Continue reading” for the full review!

This bag is uniquely designed and is rightfully named the MONA Cocoon. The main compartment is widely accessible, with an opening different than the zipper line of a traditional backpack –unidirectional, left to right. The zipper runs along the top of the backpack, opening more like the “lid” of an insulated ziptop lunchbox. Such opening allows for bigger loads and total access to what you need, when you need it.


Plenty-o-pockets for your crap!  There are five compartments:

1.)   Main compartment  2.)  Outer Compartment  3.)  Interior book/laptop compartment inside the main compartment  4.)   Interior hanging pocket   5.)   Exterior compartment on “lid” of main compartment



There are top & bottom webloop handles for convenient handling purposes. Additionally, there are buckled straps along both sides of the bag which can be put to good use, especially for us cyclists.


Thick padded straps and meshed backing makes for a high quality backpack.



All the materials used to make this bag are industrial grade, yielding a sense of sturdiness. The assembly definitely feels solid.  Even more reason to love this bag–it’s handmade right here in the beautiful U.S. A.


Bottom line. The bag is comfortable.  Whether you’re walking to class or riding through Downtown Dallas, it stays close to the body.


The MONA contains an impressively high volume willing to hold anything you need it to. You’ll be surprised as to how compact the bag looks from the outside, while the interior looks like an abyss. It does a good job at keeping it’s form and doesn’t turn into a big sack of crap with straps.



Overall rating, I give the IGNOBLE MONA Cocoon two thumbs up and a high-five as a bonus. It’s handmade, from the ground up.  I wouldn’t change anything about this bag.  I honestly miss the MONA after having spent 3 weeks with it. I had a hard time letting go!

Shout out to Dean at IGNOBLE for letting me peep this bag out! You’re major.

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 Gear

3 Comments to The IGNOBLE MONA Cocoon

  • Jim says:

    Thanks for doing reviews on things like this. I’ve been looking for a good backpack for a while now. I saw the Novara (REI) Commuter Backpack ( ), but haven’t seen any others.

    I’m finding that while I have a rack and saddlebags set up on one of my bikes, I like to ride different ones (sometimes the folding bike, sometimes the tallbike, etc.) So just having a backpack to throw on to do a quick grocery hop or head into work will be nice.

    In any case, keep it up! :)

  • pedallas says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jim. I must admit, I’m a sucker for backpacks… so any opportunity to review one, I hop on it! Keep riding!

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